Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Great Demo! Virtual Public Workshop – Europe – A Terrific Opportunity to “Sharpen the Saw”

Most countries in the world have taken severe efforts to fight the COVID-19 coronavirus.  One of the most impactful measures is that people have to work from home – and the consequences on your business are likely tremendous.  Customers are cancelling meetings and potentially postponing the purchasing process.

So, your team is working from home, but many “normal” activities have been put on hold.  What if you could use this time to “sharpen the saw” and improve your team’s skills?

When the COVID-19 virus is more under control and the measures are no longer mandatory, your team will be ready to deliver more impactful demos.

We have developed the Virtual Great Demo Public Workshop using past experiences and recent insights on how to engage the audience remotely.  The Workshop will be delivered in short segments with maximum interactivity and practice.  The time investment will be 15 hours, including 2 hours of demo delivery, over a period of 3 days.

Because of the difficult circumstances for most companies, we are applying a one-time 20% discount from the regular pricing.

Our first Virtual Great Demo! Workshop is scheduled for April 15-17, facilitated from Amsterdam.  You can find more information here – or use this link to register.

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