Friday, March 26, 2010

PowerPoint Cheat-Sheet – Particularly Useful Items

A colleague recent sent me Cheat-Sheets for PowerPoint and other Microsoft Office products (actually called “Quick Reference Cards” – but Cheat-Sheet is much more fun). I note that the Slide Delivery Shortcuts can be particularly useful and included some that were new to me:

Slide Show Delivery

End Slide Show           "Esc"

Jump to Slide               "Slide #" + "Enter"

Toggle Screen Black    "B"

Toggle Screen White   "W"

Pause Show                "S"

Show/Hide Pointer      "A"

Change Arrow to Pen  "Ctrl" + "P"

Change Pen to Arrow  "Ctrl" + "A"

Erase Doodles             "E"  [“Doodles” are ad hoc markings]

Send me an email ( if you’d like to receive the full Cheat-Sheet for PowerPoint or the full set for MS Office.

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