Tuesday, July 30, 2019

External vs. Internal Critical Dates

In Great Demo! Workshops, we discuss the importance of Critical Dates in reducing the likelihood of “No Decision” outcomes.  (A Critical Date is a date by when the customer needs to have solution in place – and the driving force for that deadline.)

We note that externally-driven Critical Dates may be more compelling than internal ones.

For example, an upcoming audit by a regulatory agency will likely have more impact than missing an internal project deadline…  One way to measure and compare is to ask the question, “What bad thing happens if you miss the date…?”

Friday, July 19, 2019


In Great Demo!, we talk about “encrispening” our demos – making them crisp, compelling and surprisingly effective.  For Great Demo! practitioners, here’s a simple mnemonic to use when finalizing your preparations for an upcoming demo:  CRISP!

  • Confirmed plan with customer?
  • Roles clear?
  • Illustrations ready?
  • Situation Slide complete?
  • Practiced?