Sunday, January 26, 2014

Transition Vision and Value Realization

Have you ever made a major software purchase?  What happened the moment you issued that purchase order – and when was that pressure finally released? 

-          Typical sales people pursue the process through getting the order.

-          Good sales teams follow it through the implementation and the “Go Live” date.

-          Truly great sales teams track the process all the way through the point in time where the buyer is able to “declare victory” – the point in time where value is realized.   

Building this “Transition Vision” with the customer of how the customer will move from their current painful situation through “Go Live” all the way to a Value Realization event is part of doing Discovery – and the vendor that does this well enjoys a competitive advantage over vendors that do not! 

(By the way, the point in time where value is realized for the customer is also the point in time when the customer becomes a reference…)

Monday, January 20, 2014

Great Demo! and Stunningly Awful Demos Articles – What Have You Missed?

In response to a number of requests, here’s a quick update on the articles published recently:

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-          Stunningly Awful Demos - The Gruesome Anatomy of a 1-Hour Web Overview Demo
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They are all available on the website at  You are welcome to download the PDF versions and forward them on to others, as well!