Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Is Your Company Investing in You?

Presales folks know that their performance is absolutely critical to their organization’s success. 

When demos or POC’s go poorly, sales processes stop cold.  Presales’ communications with customers often determine whether a sale, renewal or expansion goes forward – or ends as a loss to competition or “No Decision”.

I’m constantly (and sadly) fascinated by organizations’ willingness to invest in sales – sales methodology training, sales automation systems, sales playbook training, and on and on – and often these same organizations “run out of budget” when it comes to skills development for the presales team. 

Some questions, accordingly:

  • Has this happened to you?  What was the impact? (And how did you feel?)
  • If you were successful in securing skills training for your presales team, what did you do to justify the investment internally?

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Want Something New and Extremely Useful for Your SKO? Three Terrific Options…

Option Number 1:  Vision Generation Demos

Enable your team to deliver surprisingly effective Vision Generation Demos – the crisp cure for stunningly awful Harbor Tours.

-       If you have ever been asked to simply “show us a demo” by customers, without any Discovery – this is a terrific solution.

-       If you have ever been asked to “just show them a demo” by salespeople, again without any Discovery – this is a terrific solution.

We’ve perfected this segment for sales kickoff meetings and similar events – with suggested sessions running 90-150 minutes, including role-play exercises for the participants.   

For more on these concepts, explore The Menu Approach and Vision Generation Demos articles on our website at https://greatdemo.com/articles/

Option Number 2:  Great Demo! Kick-start Session

Introduce the key elements of Great Demo! to your team – and begin the process of moving from traditional demos to a methodology and framework that has been validated as the most successful approach for demos. 

Segments running from 1 to 3 hours are structured to engage and enable participants to enjoy rather dramatically improved demos.  Role-play keep the team energized, while putting the ideas into day-to-day practice.

Option Number 3:  The Role of Sales in Great Demos

Do you have alignment challenges between sales and presales (and who doesn’t)?  This entertaining yet and effective session introduces key Great Demo! concepts from a sales point-of-view – along with “what’s-in-it-for-us?” for sales.  Specific roles and team-play elements are presented and discussed, with brief role-play exercises cementing the ideas into use. 

This segment aligns presales and sales in preparing, delivering, and following-up from demos – delightfully!  Segments running from 1 to 3 hours can be tailored in accord with your specific desires. 

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