Monday, January 20, 2014

Great Demo! and Stunningly Awful Demos Articles – What Have You Missed?

In response to a number of requests, here’s a quick update on the articles published recently:

-          Stunningly Awful Demo Outcomes – Why Objections Shouldn't Need To Be Overcome
-          Stunningly Awful Competitive Differentiation – What, When, and How
-          Surprisingly Delectable Demos – Delightful Dining Analogies
-          Stunningly Awful Demos - Two Words to Avoid
-          Stunningly Awful Demos - The Gruesome Anatomy of a 1-Hour Web Overview Demo
-          Stunningly Awful Demos - Insufficient Discovery
They are all available on the website at  You are welcome to download the PDF versions and forward them on to others, as well!

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