Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Great Demo! and Stunningly Awful Demos Articles – What Have You Missed?

Over the past few years I’ve generated a fair number of articles on demos and related areas – here’s the listing in case you’ve missed any, organized by topic. 

I’d be happy to send any of these to you via email.  Alternatively, they are also available on our website at www.SecondDerivative.com/Articles.html.  Each article has its own page and a link to a downloadable PDF version.

Feel free to forward them on to others, as well.

Great Demo! Core Concepts

ü  The Great Demo! Top Ten List
ü  Stunningly Awful Demo Evolution- Have You Ever Seen Demos Get Shorter?
ü  Why Should a Demo Be Like a News Article?
ü  Competitive Demo Situations and "Bake-offs" – How to Bias Towards Your Strengths
ü  Stunningly Awful Demos – The Great Demo! Top Ten List of What NOT To Do
ü  Stunningly Awful Demos - Debilitating Demo Diseases
ü  Stunningly Awful Demos - Debilitating Demo Diseases Additional Afflictions
ü  Stunningly Awful Sales Prevention Demos
ü  Why Don't They Get It - Are They Stupid Or What?
ü  Attention Retention in Demonstrations
ü  Too Complex - A Demo Disaster Story
ü  Stand Away From The Mouse! - Letting Your Champion Drive

Demo-Related Topics

ü  What Makes a Demo Truly Remarkable?
ü  Demo Capital - Underutilized, Undervalued and Often Insufficient
ü  Stunningly Awful SaaS Demos - Lost in the Clouds
ü  Storytelling and Demos
ü  Are You a Demo Expert? Why Experts Should Feel Uncomfortable
ü  We Are Programmed to Forget - And Its Impact on Our Demos
ü  Four Opportunities to Harvest- The Value of Informal Success Stories
ü  Transition Vision - "We Love It - But How Are We Going To Get There?"
ü  The Database Break-Even Point

Remote Demos

ü  Stunningly Awful Remote Demos – The Top Ten List of Inflicting Pain at a Distance
ü  Remote Demos - The Role of the Active Conduit
ü  Remote Demonstrations - What Can We Do Better?
ü  Demos to Mixed Local and Remote Audiences – Tips to Handle Combination Situations

RFP’s, Scripted Demos, POC’s, Trials and Evaluations

ü  Stunningly Awful Demo Situations - The Horror of Scripted Demos
ü  Stunningly Awful Software Evaluations - A Strategy of Hope?

Team Topics

ü  Death By Corporate Overview
ü  Stunningly Awful Demos Team Practices - Where 1 + 1 = 0

New Product Roll-out

ü  Selling to Your Sales Force – The Toughest Customer of All - Product Launch Demos
Presentation and Delivery Tips

ü  The Meaningless-Filler Gratuitous-Phrases Vocabulary List
ü  The Content-Free Buzzword-Compliant Vocabulary List

Growth and Development

ü  Demo Skills Assessment - Do It Now
Recorded and Website Demos

ü  Auto-Demo Hell
ü  More Auto-Demo Hell - A "Customized" Recorded Demo?

Trade-show Tactics

ü  Trade Show Demonstrations - The Menu Approach
Just For Fun

ü  'Twas the Night Before the Big Demo

My next article will likely explore Discovery issues and challenges (another in the Stunningly Awful Demos series) – if you are not already on our emailing list, please let me know if you’d like to receive it.

Additionally, let me know if there are other topics you’d like to see explored in an article!

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