Monday, January 16, 2012

Practice Your Mouse Movements… All The Time!

For some people presenting demonstrations, moving the mouse smoothly and deliberately occurs naturally.  For others, it can be a real challenge!  Here’s a quick tip:  practice moving your mouse as if you are delivering a demo all of the time.  The “muscle memory” associated with constant practice will reward you when you are in the heat of a tough demo – and can’t invest time to think about how best to move your mouse.   

When we are mousing for ourselves, our mouse movements tend to follow the motion of our eyes.  So, if we are hunting for a specific command or tool, as our eyes flit back and forth across the screen so does our mouse!  Instead, think (first) about where we want the mouse to go, then move it smoooooothly and deliberately to that specific location.  And don’t move it again until you’ve identified the next specific destination…!

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