Monday, July 1, 2013

"All You Can Eat" Buffet / Smorgasbord – and Price

Showing too many capabilities (that the customer does not perceive they will use) can cause vendors to “buy it back” when it is time to discuss price.  An “All You Can Eat” buffet offers a good analogy in the world of restaurants and food…

 An “All You Can Eat” buffet can be a great thing if you are (a) really hungry and (b) typically eat a large amount of food and/or (c) have several teenage male children.  On the other hand, what if you aren’t very hungry or don’t eat a lot of food at one sitting?  Then an “All You Can Eat” offering is likely too much – and may be perceived as too expensive. 

This last observation is very interesting:  the actual price for the meal at many “All You Can Eat” buffets may be in the middle of the range for a typical restaurant meal, but because we don’t plan to eat as much as others might, our perception is that the price is targeted at those more consuming eaters, leaving us with the feeling that we are paying too much for our meal.  Works the same way with demos…!

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