Thursday, July 3, 2014

Remote Demos: Check for Screen Resolution Readability

During a Remote Demo today, where I was the customer on the receiving end of the demo, I asked the vendor to change his screen resolution because the text and images he was sharing were too small for me to see clearly.  He suddenly realized that this problem had been going on for quite a while – and that most of his customers have also been unable to see sufficient detail in his demos…! 

I noted that most customers won’t say anything – they either assume that there is nothing that can be changed – that “it is what it is…”  They just live with it and make no comment, squinting at their screen, suffering quietly through the demo and unable to consume the content.

This suggests a tip when you start a Remote Demo (as the vendor):  Ask, “Can you read this text comfortably?”  If yes, then proceed.  If no, then adjust your screen resolution down (to a lower resolution) and check again.

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