Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Corporate Overview Presentations Still In Use – Really?

In spite of logic, rational thinking, and the guidance of many people, it appears that sales (and some presales) people still feel an obligation to flog their audiences with their stunningly misaligned corporate overview presentations.  Why is this still happening? 

Is it because some vendors still believe their customers haven’t done sufficient research on their vendors before inviting a vendor in to consume an hour (or more) of their team’s time in a demo meeting?  After all, most customers probably haven’t yet learned how to “Google” the vendor and learn all about them, right? 

Is it because some vendors really believe that their customers are earnestly interested in the vendor’s history, founding fathers and mothers, revenues over time, location of their offices, major milestones and (oh please) their mission statement?

Is it because some vendor personnel prefer to talk, talk, talk about their company, their people, and their products rather than asking intelligent questions and listening carefully to the answers?

Is it because some vendor on-boarding processes stress learning to recite the corporate overview presentation (rather than learning a set of Discovery topics and/or Challenger questions that would enable a conversation with the customer)?  Hmmm – we may have something here….

Is it because some vendor personnel feel that the only value they can add is to present the corporate overview?  (Egads…!)

What do you think?

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