Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Getting Better - Why I Write Things Down

When I’m delivering Great Demo! Workshops, I write down new ideas and thoughts to improve the Workshop – right then and there.  Why do I do this?  I do it to get better. 

Far too often, we think of a great new idea – and then later on we can’t remember what it was…!  (Has this ever happened to you?)  So I make a brief note, right away, so that the thought is captured and doesn’t get forgotten.

I find that this is key to making positive changes and improving my practice.  I set myself a personal objective to capture one or two new ideas, tips, or changes I want to make in each Great Demo! Workshop that I deliver.

- What new thing went really well that I want to repeat?
- What new idea did I encounter or learn that I want to try or develop?
- What bad thing happened that I want to avoid repeating in the future?

You might apply the same principle with your demos:  when you stumble upon something that works really well, or slam into something you never wish to repeat, or have an idea you’d like to try in the future – write it down!

[Note:  if your demos are simply running the same pathway over and over and over and over, you can ignore this suggestion – getting better will be tough!]

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