Thursday, March 17, 2016

Vision Generation – It’s All About Perspective…!

I was reminded of this classic story by a colleague who noted that it is a good allegory for Vision Generation demos with differing audiences… Wonderful!

A man walks up to a construction site where he sees several bricklayers working on a wall.  He asks one of the brick masons "What are you working on?"  The first worker looks at him like he's an idiot and says "I'm laying bricks!  What does it look like?"

He walks up to the second brick mason and asks, "What are you working on?"  This guy shrugs his shoulders and replies, "I'm building a wall."

He approaches the third man and asks the same question.  This mason pauses, turns around, looks carefully at his questioner and with excitement in his voice says, "I'm building a majestic cathedral.  It's going to be amazing!"

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