Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Crisper Great Demos - Leave More Time for Vision Expansion

A recent Great Demo! Workshop participant noted that after he had put the method into day-to-day practice, he experienced an unanticipated advantage to using the Great Demo! methodology – there was more time for relevant vision generation conversations…  This is interesting at two levels:

First, in the demo itself, Great Demo! guides presenters to focus on the Specific Capabilities uncovered and discussed in Discovery – typically resulting in surprisingly crisp demos.  Practitioners report demos being shortened or “encrispened” by 50-60% on average…  Demos that used to consume 60 minutes were comfortably completed in 30-35, for example, with both the vendor and the customer being fully satisfied with the outcome.  Which means that…

Second, because the full meeting time wasn’t consumed with a standard or traditional demo, there was time (often initiated by the customer) to discuss additional needs and other opportunities – resulting in seeding for future sales.  A delightful example of vision expansion in action…!

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