Thursday, October 20, 2016

Remote Demos: What Are THEY Seeing?

WebEx, GoToMeeeting, Zoom, Join.Me – there are a large and growing number of web collaboration tools used for presenting demos.  Each tool has its own idiosyncrasies, strengths and weaknesses – and each new release often brings surprises.  Additionally, some customers prefer that you use a tool of their choosing, with which you may be unfamiliar.

Accordingly, here’s a new tip to apply when you are first starting your web session with your customer:  ask them what they are seeing on their end, after you’ve started sharing your screen.  Here’s a quick checklist of items to explore:

- Ask if there are any grayed-out or hashed-out areas (may happen with WebEx). 
- Ask if they have gone full screen or need help to do so. 
- Use “Can you see my mouse in the upper left corner; can you see my mouse in the bottom right corner…” to confirm that they are seeing the same screen real-estate that you want them to see.
- Do a latency check – time how long it takes them to see a new slide or change to your screen.
- “Pause” check – what do they see when you click on “Pause” with your collaboration tool?  Do they see the screen that you were last showing, or a blank screen, or something else?
- Color check:  confirm that what is red/green/blue on your screen is red/green/blue on theirs.
- Font-size check:  confirm that they can see and read your smallest font (or you may have to tell them what it says…).
- Audio check:  can they hear you clearly?  If you are using VOIP (not recommended, generally) confirm that your voice is not breaking up.
- Audio check:  can you hear them clearly?  You may need to have them move microphones around, turn up the volume, or have someone repeat questions and comments.

Any others to add?

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