Monday, August 14, 2017

Are You Really Good at Demos?

Curiosity question and informal poll:  Do you feel you are really good at demos?


  • Do you feel you are really good at demos, but can still learn a new tip or trick to apply?
  • Do you feel you are really good at demos, and can now mentor others on best practices, tips and techniques?
  • Do you do basically the same demo for all audiences, albeit with a bias towards certain things depending on specific audience members?
  • Are you smooth, polished and consistent?
  • Are you the preferred “go-to” person for demos?
  • Have you successfully anticipated and addressed 90% of the questions you might get in the demo?
  • Did you feel you were really good at demos, then took a Great Demo! Workshop, and now have a new perspective?
  • Other?

You are welcome to post your responses here or, if you’d prefer more privacy, send me your thoughts at (I’ll keep your responses confidential).

In any case, if we get enough responses, I’ll publish the (sanitized, anonymous) results…!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Yes I do think I'm really good at demos ;) I took your seminar and have many years of practice! I could definitely mentor others.