Thursday, September 13, 2018

Any Guidelines for Clicks per Minute or the Number of Screens Shown in Demos?

John Care (Mastering Technical Sales) and I were discussing this question and realized that other folks may be similarly wondering…  Regarding clicks or screens per minute, the simplest rules are as follows:

Overarching Rule: 

Focus on the Specific Capabilities the customer needs to see.  You are not obligated to try to pack as many screens and clicks into the allotted time – quite the opposite!

Mousing Rule of 5:

1.  Fewest Number of Clicks to execute any task (this is the most important guideline).
2.  Move the mouse slooooooowwwwwly and deliiiiiiiberately (second most important) - avoid "Zippy Mouse Syndrome".
3.  Don't hunt for the click location with your mouse; use your eyes to find the click location, THEN move the mouse to it.
4.  Don't circle your mouse madly once you arrive and the desired location - use highlighting, annotation tools, or related methods when operating over the web and/or physically point with your hand/fingers/stick pointer when face-to-face.
5.  Be aware of the size of your mouse cursor - you may need to enlarge it, depending on screen resolution.
Screen Display Rule of 3:

1.  For important screens (such as Illustrations in Great Demo!), describe WHAT the audience is seeing, HOW it can help address business problems, and HOW MUCH gain/savings (the Delta) could be achieved.
2.  For transition screens (screens that must be seen while executing a workflow, for example), only BRIEFLY describe what you are choosing - no extra "if", no "or", no "also".
3.  For end-of-workflow screens, remember to summarize - then pause - before going on to the next demo chunk or segment.

Other thoughts?

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