Monday, October 8, 2018

Demos and Hit List Length – What’s Best?

I was watching a demo recently and the presenter executed a search.  When the results came back, he said,

“…And look, we just found 375 records with that search – isn’t that terrific?”

Actually, no, it’s not.  Very few of us really want to review and sort through all 375 hits! 

When we are delivering demos, we need to be cognizant of what constitutes comfortable hit list lengths.  This may require some pre-planning and/or the use of filtering to generate “final” results lists that are more in line with the way customers typically work.

As a self-test, how far down a Google search results list do you explore?  A few records?  The first page of results?  Perhaps one or two pages?  The number of hits you typically review can give you a reference point for what length lists your customers would like to see…!

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