Thursday, November 1, 2018

Want Something New and Extremely Useful for Your SKO?

How about providing your team with a delightfully effective segment on Vision Generation Demos – the crisp cure for otherwise stunningly awful Harbor Tours.

If you have ever been asked to simply “show us a demo” by customers, without any Discovery – this is a terrific solution.

If you have ever been asked to simply “show them a demo” by sales folks, again without any Discovery – this is again a terrific solution.

We’ve recently perfected this segment for sales kickoff meetings and similar events – with suggested sessions running 90-120 minutes, including role-play exercises for the participants.   

For more on the concepts that we can help you put into practice, you can explore The Menu Approach and Vision Generation Demos articles on our website at

Contact me or the Great Demo! team if you’d like to discuss...

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