Sunday, January 20, 2019

Vision Generation Demos – Give-to-Get Success for SDR’s, BDR’s, and Inside Sales

Quid pro quo is the delightful Latin phrase that loosely translates as “this for that” – and appears to be one of the key criteria for the success of Vision Generation Demos. 

Vision Generation Demos are a terrific solution to the classic gap between “…Just show us a demo…” (from the customer) and being able to deliver a focused, customer-specific demo based on doing adequate Discovery.  Practitioners report that Vision Generation Demos have been “surprisingly effective” – they shared that one of the reasons the method works so well is they leverage basic principles of quid pro quo:  give to get.

The customer has asked to see a demo, after all – and a Vision Generation Demo provides just enough demo content to satisfy this desire.  In return, the customer is willing to invest in a Discovery conversation.

Even better, quid pro quo exchanges occur several times during the Vision Generation Demo process – making the resulting dialog comfortable and rewarding for both parties.

Note this is in contrast to a frequent complaint from customers on calls with SDR’s, BDR’s or Inside Sales folks that the interaction was one-way, one-sided, with nothing of value for the customer. 

For more details on the ideas, see my article at – and/or contact me if you’d like to learn to apply the method and the mechanics for your software and customers.

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