Monday, February 11, 2019

Fewest Number of Words?

In Great Demo! Workshops we introduce the idea of “Fewest Number of Clicks” to complete any particular workflow or pathway.  This helps to reduce complexity and increase apparent ease-of-use.  We might add “Fewest Words” as well to this guidance…!

I was watching a recent demo and making notes as the presenter started to execute a task in his software.  Interestingly, he DID follow the “Fewest Number of Clicks” recommendation, but his verbal description of all of the additional options on each screen was, well, breathtaking (breathtakingly bad, that is…!).

While he never actually clicked on anything extra, he managed to verbally describe nearly ALL of the available options on each screen – making the demo appear to be confusing, the software overly complicated, and introducing waaaay more capabilities than the customer needed.  


He turned a 3-minute workflow into one that consumed more than twice that time…

The moral?  Use the Fewest Number of Clicks – and Words…!

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