Friday, June 14, 2019

Great Demo Public Workshops

There has been a lot of interest in Great Demo! Public Workshops.  Accordingly, here is the current schedule:

-        July 18-19 in Austin – Click here for registration, location and additional information. 

-        July 23-24 in Buffalo – Click here more information.  This Workshop is nearly full…! 

-        Other U.S. Northeast Public Workshop Possibilities:  Contact Art Fromm at if you are interested in other dates in the U.S. Northeast.

-        September 4-5 in Amsterdam – click here for more information.  This Workshop is also nearly full…! 

-        Other EMEA Public Workshop Possibilities – we are now targeting February 12-13, 2020 in Amsterdam – please let us know if you have a desire for this or other dates and locations in 2019 or 2020.

-        October 2-3 in the San Francisco Bay Area – click here for more information.

Public Workshops are excellent opportunities for individuals, small groups or for teams that have new hires. They are 1.75-Day Workshops, with the first day focusing largely on core Great Demo! material and the second ¾ day addressing more advanced topics and techniques. 

We are also contemplating offering Public (open enrollment) Masters Classes for Great Demo! graduates who wish to advance to an even higher level of practice.  Let us know if you are interested…!

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