Friday, September 20, 2019

The Menu Approach 3X – For Vision Generation, Vision Expansion, and Competitive Outflanking

A recent Great Demo! Workshop graduate pointed out that The Menu Approach is a terrific three-way tool:

  • For Vision Generation:  It provides a crisp, very successful “art of the possible” alternative starting point vs. Stunningly Awful Harbor Tours.

  • For Vision Expansion:  It communicates other areas of potential interest to the prospect – who might have been unaware that solutions exist for that problem set, and/or are unaware that they have problems in that area (and that solutions exist).

  • For Competitive Outflanking:  It can also introduce solution areas that are not offered or handled as well by your competition – a terrific way to outflank competition right from the beginning…!

Check out the article to learn more…

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