Friday, October 11, 2019

Webinar Recording: The Perfect Demo Environment

You can find the recording from this webinar here.

Have you ever heard (or said):

- “Sorry, I don’t have an example like that in our demo system…”
- “No, we can’t show that workflow – this is a demo database…”
- “Our demo environment isn’t up-to-date – that’s why this feature isn’t working…”
- “No, I don’t have good data to show in this report – no data, in fact – sorry…!”
- “That report hasn’t been built for our demo system – but trust me, it’s terrific!”

In your demos, how often do you find you are apologizing for an inability to demonstrate capabilities, complete workflows, or present compelling results and reports? Far too often, in many cases!

A perfect demo environment enables you to show what you need to show, clearly and convincingly. No apologies, no excuses. In this webinar, Peter Cohan joined the fine folks at Consensus to provide (some surprising) recommendations for demo environments to make your demos as crisp, compelling and successful as possible.

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