Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Microsoft Teams – Currently Not Recommended for Remote Demos

I am sorry to report that, in my opinion, Microsoft Teams is not recommended for use in delivering Remote Demos.  Very simply, it currently lacks a set of annotation tools that are needed to highlight specific parts of software screens in demos and, accordingly, to enable presenters to drive sufficient interactivity.

While Teams has some other nice-to-have capabilities for collaboration, the lack of annotation tools renders it not recommended for Remote Demos. 

Zoom, GoToMeeting and WebEx all offer excellent sets of annotation tools, including free-hand drawing, text, boxes, circles, highlighters, “laser” pointers, etc.  The use of these tools helps to move Remote Demos from talk-and-click-and-talk-and-click to true conversations.


Scott Jones said...


Must confess I don't take advantage of the annotation tools in Zoom when demoing our platform. What would you recommend as a primer to understand best practices in this regard?

Peter E. Cohan said...

Hi Scott,

You can find an article on this here: https://greatdemo.com/great-demo-remote-demos-best-practices/

Hope this helps...!

The Great Connection! sessions (recently posted) are vehicles to both learn about the various tools and to put them into day-to-day practice.

Scott Jones said...

Much appreciated, Peter - thank you!