Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Real Competition

According to statistics I heard cited in a recent webinar, executives today face the following daily “pile”:

- 59 hours of work to be done (that day, conceptually) is sitting on their desks
- Their day is largely booked with meetings
- They receive ~150 email messages
- They receive ~29 voicemail messages

Now tell me again why they should listen to your 20 minute corporate overview presentation or wait through 40 minutes of demo to hear the punch line?

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Byron Workman said...

This post is a great example of dramatizing a fact, and increasing its impact. You could have just told me to get right to the point when speaking to an executive, and I would have stored it in my head with all the other great tips. But helping me understand, and visualize why I need to get to the point gives me more of an ability to act on it in the best ways that I can.