Monday, May 18, 2009

Photo Clip Art Tips – 1 of 3

Using photos in presentations can be a much stronger method of communicating ideas than using bulleted text. (After all, if “one picture is worth a thousand words” then you’d need a pile of PowerPoint bullets to achieve the equivalent…!)

For Great Demo! Illustrations, photos showing frustration, piles of paperwork, stacks of files and related photos can be terrific “before” images.

A number of presentation skills books recommend the same idea including:

- Beyond Bullet Points – Cliff Atkinson – available on
- Presentation Zen – Garr Reynolds – available on

In a live presentation or demo, an evocative photo enables and supports the verbal message you are delivering. Contrariwise, a long list of bulleted sentences on a slide forces the audience to read – and ignore the presenter’s words.

Interestingly, “real” photos have proven to be much more effective than drawn clip art. Consider reviewing your “in-use” presentations and overhaul them:

- Remove old drawn clip art and replace, as appropriate, with real photos
- Explore where you can condense text – shorten sentences to phrases
- Seek to replace slides of text with one or two strong photo images

I’ll explore a few sources for good photos and guidelines for use (size, orientation) in the next few tips.

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