Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Looking for new position? Looking to hire presales staff?

www.salesengineer.com appears to be a bulletin-board service to enable job-seekers and companies to connect. You need to register – I’m not sure whether a fee is involved either direction. Feedback solicited!


Michael Kuhl said...

No value here I'm afraid.
This looks to be an affiliate site pushing leads to jobg8.com. If you look at the about us for salesengineer.com it pushes you to http://www.careermarketplace.com/ where you will see that they have a number of seo friendly job board sites that utlimately push the applicant to the applicant to jobg8.com. Read here: http://www.jobg8.com/ProductOverview.aspx to learn about the affiliate program.

Unknown said...

Their pricing for job posts starts at $170 for one post, for a price list see: