Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It looks like Netbriefings has released a new or improved version of their web collaboration tool ( I haven’t yet seen it in action, but the collateral sounds good…!

Does anyone have experience using it for Remote Demos?

From their website:

Netbriefings Conference Pro Feature List
Flash-based Meeting Viewer - Participants only need a web browser and Flash to attend a meeting.
Cross-platform solution - Host or attend a meeting from a PC, Mac, or Linux computer.
Screen sharing - Show your entire desktop or a window on your desktop to all attendees. Annotate a shared display.
Zoom in on important areas.
Adjustable resolutions.
Full screen viewing for attendees.
Presentation sharing - Import a PowerPoint presentation and share it with meeting attendees. Display slide thumbnails and titles in a navigation window.
Annotate (and allow attendees to annotate) shared slides.
Support Flash slides including animations.
Full screen viewing for attendees. Whiteboard sharing - Share an interactive whiteboard and allow anyone to draw.
Support multiple whiteboards in a meeting.
Media streaming - Stream Flash videos or MP3 audios to all attendees and control their playback.
Allow everyone to annotate and draw on the shared video.
Picture sharing - Share a picture with all attendees and allow everyone to annotate and draw on the shared picture.
Control the zooming and panning of the picture.
Video/Voice over IP - Show up to 12 webcam windows with voice over IP.
File transfer - Transfer desktop files to meeting attendees.
Desktop snapshot - Take a desktop snapshot and send it to all attendees.
Pass presenter control - Promote an attendee to be a presenter during a meeting and allow the attendee to control a presentation or share his screen.
Remote control - Allows an attendee to control your desktop during a screen sharing session. Chat messaging - Send text messages or web page links to meeting attendees.
Open or restricted as configured by Moderator.
Attendee management - View a list of meeting attendees and their profiles.
Give attendees permission to draw on a whiteboard or a slide.
Remove unwanted attendees.
Lock the meeting.
Audio conference integration and controls - Control an audio conference from the attendee list, including mute, un-mute, hang-up a caller, or dial-out to a participant.
Full audio integration with toll-free audio service.
Meeting recording - Record audio and web conference as a synchronized
Flash-based recording on the server.
Viewers can play recording right in their browser without having to download any proprietary players.
Embeddable Content - Embed live meetings or archived on-demand recordings in any website. Polling/Quiz - Poll attendees with multiple-choice questions and monitor the responses in real-time.
Show polling results to attendees instantly.
Create impromptu or scheduled meetings - Instantly create and start impromptu meetings. Create a scheduled meeting and add it to your calendar.
Meeting invitations - Send meeting URL via email or IM, or simply ask a participant to join with a meeting ID.
Access control - Control meeting access with a password or to registered users only.
Publish meetings - Publish a meeting to the web site home page to allow anyone to join without an invitation.
Personal meeting room - Create a personal meeting room for all meetings.
Customize Meeting Viewer - Customize meeting viewer to display your own logo, banner, and background image.
Online content storage - Store presentation slides, video, and audio files in a personal content store online for accessing from any computer.
Activity reports - Activity reports log all meeting sessions, attendees, and time.
Export activity reports in XML or CSV formats.
User registration - Option to require user registration prior to attending a meeting.
Export registered user profiles for post-meeting follow-ups.
Feedback and comments - Allow participants to post comments and feedback to your meetings and publish them in the Homepage.

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