Friday, December 11, 2009

Remote Demos – Three Audio Considerations

[Many thanks to The Webinar Blog for these ideas]

If they can’t hear you, it is all over even before you begin…! Here are a few ideas specifically regarding the audio for Remote Demos:

International Call-in Numbers: A few U.S. collaboration software providers still list “800” numbers as the sole connection possibility – make sure that non-“800” numbers are also provided, so that participants outside the U.S. can call in.

“Barge Tones”: Have you ever been participating in a webinar and noted the annoying “bonnnnng” sounds announcing the “arrival” and “departure” of participants? Even worse, an automated voice often announces, “John Doe has joined the call…” During set up, before a webinar, find out if these alerts can be turned off!

Muzak madness: Along the same lines, who hasn’t heard “muzak” playing from a participant who has put the call on “hold”? During set up, learn how to mute individual participants or the entire audience, if possible.

There are other guidelines at The Webinar Blog if you are interested in exploring them…

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