Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Remote Demos – Don't Forget to Disconnect!

While this is certainly obvious, I’m occasionally amused – and sometimes astonished – by vendors who forget to close their Remote Demo meetings (e.g., via WebEx, GoToMeeting, Adobe Connect, etc.) and corresponding phone connections.

Amused – when a vendor forgets to close the session(s) and the collaboration tool window remains open/active.

Astonished – when a vendor forgets and, still sharing his desktop, starts to write email messages about the results of the web meeting! As a customer, it can be very interesting to see how the sales rep describes what a “great” meeting it was and how the “business is in the bag…!” I’ve heard the same with conference calls that remain open and active after the meeting has completed.

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Murray Fife said...

That's why I do all of my demonstrations from within a VM, and have e-mail etc. up and running outside of it on the workstation. This also avoids the problem of having IM's and e-mail alerts pop up whilst in a demonstration ;-)