Sunday, July 25, 2010

Phone Numbers and Conference Call Code Numbers – Terrific Examples of Chunking/Consumable Components

Recently, I noticed that I often insert spaces in conference call entry codes – and suddenly realized why I do this..! For example, I received a calendar appointment for a conference call with the following information [numbers are scrambled to protect the innocent]:

Phone Number: 800 692-5505

Meeting ID: 8931271475

Just before calling in to join the session, I quickly edited the Meeting ID number by adding a few spaces:

Meeting ID: 893 127 1475

This edited version is, in my opinion, much easier to read and to enter on my phone. Why? Because the large, unwieldy number has been cut down into small, consumable components. Interestingly, phone companies already know this – and typically present phone numbers pre-formatted into similar small chunks. It’s another terrific example of other industries re-affirming Great Demo! concepts…!

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