Thursday, May 5, 2011

Remote Demos – Screen Resolution Statistic and Tip

A quick survey of the people who browse our website ( shows the following screen resolutions:

1280x800 – 28.80%
1440x900 – 21.76%
1024x768 – 19.74%
1366x768 –   9.47%
1600x900 –   6.88%
1115x697 –   6.06%
1920x1080 – 2.13%
1600x1200 – 5.17%

This suggests that the lowest common denominator for screen resolution for Remote Demos is (still) 1024x768… 

And, of course, one can always employ the “can you see my mouse in the upper left-hand corner; can you see my mouse in the lower right-hand corner” method to confirm that you audience is seeing your full screen.


Kathryn Hall said...

Don't forget when you're demoing remotely to a group that's sitting in a conference room with a projector, their resolution could be 800 x 600. :-(

KHilker said...

Check out for additional Screen resolution metrics.