Friday, July 29, 2011

“Demo Day” Sessions

Many Great Demo! Workshop principals and participants ask what they can do to keep the implementation process moving forward, after a Workshop completes.  One simple (and surprisingly effective) tactic is to do a “Demo Day”.  This is an extension of the role-play sessions practiced in the Workshop, where each person or team presents an 8-10 minute demo to the overall group, followed by feedback and discussion.  This reinforces the key concepts and surfaces new tips and best practices – and is a highly valuable exercise whether or not the team has had the pleasure of participating in a demo skills Workshop.

I typically suggest allocating about 30 minutes per role-play to give sufficient time for the demo, feedback, technical glitches and break time.  In a half-day session you present and review 8 demos easily.

A Demo Day is something that teams and principals can do on their own or  [warning:  shameless self-promotion alert!]  have someone who is highly skilled in teaching and coaching demo practices facilitate – me, for example! 

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