Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Introducing the Demo - Like the Evening TV News

A number of Great Demo! Workshop participants have enjoyed good success in positioning “Do the Last Thing First” by drawing an analogy with the evening TV news.  They tell their audience that “We are going to start, like TV newscasters do, by going you the headlines for each “story” so that you have an outline of the overall demo.  Then we’ll go into each “story” section in more detail.”

Customers apparently understand and appreciate this analogy – it resonates!


John Whitehead said...

peter, I'd love to se more details on this topic. maybe an example or two to show the power of this method.

my concern is how to do this news highlight method, without frustrating the attendees in the process.

Peter E. Cohan said...

Hi John,

The process offering a story "teaser" for a demo is straightforward:

- For the first demo section (this could be a Solution for a specific person or group), review the customer's Situation (using a Situation Slide, for example), then confirm that the information is still correct. Then present an Illustration of the end result and test to make sure it is what the person or group wants - and test: would they like to see how it is done using the live software?

- Assuming they say, "Yes", that's the teaser - you then state that you'll show them as much detail as they'd like in just a few minutes. That let's them know when resolution will take place.

- Repeat this process for the next few Solutions (could different Solutions for the same person or group, or Solutions for entirely different people in the same meeting - business users vs. IT, for example). However, for the second Solution you need to note that showing the detail will take place in "20 minutes" (for example), so that they have a reasonable expectation of when resolution will take place for their specific portion of the demo.

The key to this approach is offering both the "teaser" AND letting each person/group know WHEN resolution will take place.

Each "teaser" story/segment typically on takes about 2 minutes to complete - and provides the entire audience with a clear understanding of the plan for the demo meeting (and provides reasons for each person or group to remain engaged.