Friday, August 26, 2011

Jobs Thoughts (Steve, that is…)

I heard three ideas over these past few days with respect to Steve Jobs’ resignation from Apple that are particularly worth sharing:

First, Steve drives an ethos that is all about the experience rather than the product.  This can be paraphrased, “Don’t sell me a product; sell me an experience!”

Next, and along those lines, one might say that Apple doesn’t have a VP of Products so much as it has a VP of Lust – that person’s objective is not to present a product to us but instead to make us lust after his or her offering! 

And finally, Charles Revlon was famously quoted as saying, “In our factories we make cosmetics, in our stores we sell hope!”  What is it that Steve Jobs has been selling these past 14 years?  He’s been selling Confidence.  The confidence of knowing that whatever you buy from apple it will be delightfully easy to use – truly intuitive – no risk, no worries about complexity, no concerns about being overwhelmed.  Now that’s a Great Demo!

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