Monday, August 29, 2011

Passion – And Demos

(This is a brief post – but a huge topic…)  How do you keep your demos fresh, even after doing 5, 10, 20 or more demos in a month (or week!)? 

The passion we feel for what we do serves both as a source of energy and as an engine to help us make every demo unique (as far as the customer is concerned), remarkable and engaging.  The excitement we feel about our offering and the desire and ability to change the world is what often propels us, even after the 6th hour of a scripted demo. 
Harnessing and using this passion can make enormous differences in audience perception – the difference between someone simply “clicking the mouse to get the next screen…” vs. building a strong tangible vision of a solution in a customer’s mind.

Tactically, what can we do to tap into this passion?

-       Avoid pre-answering questions (let the customer ask questions that we can respond to)
-       Look for opportunities to learn something new in each demo
-       View each demo as a performance (like a performance of music or play)

Other ideas?

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