Monday, November 19, 2012

Averting Stalled Sales Opportunities - Webinar

I’ll be joining Ron Snyder of Breakthrough, Inc. in an upcoming webinar.  My portion of the content will briefly explore what key customer information is needed prior to presenting a demo – to avoid “Harbor Tours”.  Here’s the balance of the webinar invitation:

Are you tired of working hard on a sales opportunity only to find an unexpected issue that stalls the sales process?

You are not alone!

Having an effective sales planning process, sharing insight across the internal team and enabling great demos, greatly improves sales productivity and use of resources. Learn how to make this happen and greatly improve your sales results…

v  Reduce “no decisions”
v  Avoid going back two steps
v  Eliminate sales process inefficiencies
v  Focus on better opportunities
v  Use your resources more effectively
In this webinar, Averting Stalled Sales Opportunities, Ron Snyder and Peter Cohan show you the key steps to forestall a stalled sales process via better planning and sales process management.

Sign up for the webinar here:
December 10 at 12:00 – 1:00 PM Pacific time

And receive copies of the White Papers: “Managing Territories to Maximize Results” and “Managing Key Accounts to Maximize Results.”
Topics covered:

v  The Challenge causing stalled sales
v  Elements of a Successful Plan
v  Guiding the Sales Process- using the Plan
v  Coordinating Activities, including Demos
v  A Sample Plan

Ron Snyder, of Breakthrough, Inc. and Plan 2 Win Software, has trained thousands of salespeople and managers on sales effectiveness, territory and account planning. Prior to that, he was a top ranked sales salesperson at Hewlett-Packard and a manager in the field sales force and a marketing manager.
Peter Cohan is the founder and principal of The Second Derivative, focused on helping software organizations improve their sales and marketing results – primarily through improving organizations’ demonstrations.

Sean Murphy, our Moderator, is CEO of SKMurphy providing customer development services for high-tech companies. SKMurphy focus is on early customers and early revenue.

December 10 at 12:00 – 1:00 PM Pacific time

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