Wednesday, November 28, 2012


In a recent Great Demo! Workshop, one of the participants performed a delightful method of introducing capabilities to the customer audience:  after the initial review of the Situation Slide, presentation of the Illustration and demo of the “Do It” pathway, she asked if the customer was interested in any of a few items, which she verbalized very briefly.  The customer said, “Please show me the first two you mentioned…”

Wonderful!  She was very cleverly applying the Menu Approach in a small, controlled situation, listing and describing a few capabilities that would logically come next in a demo – and that customers might be interested in seeing, based on prior her experience.  A key to this is that she asked the customer if they wanted to see them (and which ones), rather than simply launch into “…and now the next really cool thing I want to show you is…” 

What a terrific way to move smoothly into “Peeling Back the Layers”!

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