Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Discovery Questions – Vision of the Solution Ongoing

Discovery questions can and should not only include discussion of the desired solution as visualized for initial deployment, but might also explore looking further out in time.  Discussion might include:

-          Early “wins” and how best to achieve them (which also relieve the pressure on the buyer to have justified his/her purchase – very important!)

-          Ongoing development/maintenance/support – including product roadmaps

-          Involvement in user’s groups (and possible presentations of completed applications and achievements)

-          Further deployment, expansion or development of additional applications, etc.

-          A view as to the state of things 3-5 years out – what is the long-term vision the customer has in mind

Interestingly, in some cases a very strong vision of the customer’s future state several years out may be one of the strongest driving forces in the sales process (particularly for some industries and more so, most typically, in Europe than in the U.S.)…!

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