Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Selective Attention – the Importance of Precise Pointing in Demos

Absolutely fascinating…  Take a look at this jpg (a series of three images:  paste the link in your browser and read the introduction on the first image – you can click to zoom in):

In Great Demo! Workshops I teach participants to use a pointer (fingers/hand, stick/telescoping pointers, mouse, etc.) to direct audience attention specifically to what you want the audience to see – and pay attention to.  The question often arises, “…but won’t they look at all the other stuff on the screen, in addition to what I’m pointing to?”

Clearly, not typically!  (Apparently, only a very small fraction of people who saw this jpg noticed the unusual attributes the first time through…)

This image is courtesy of a recent Great Demo! Workshop participant who was kind enough to share it (thanks!).

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@stlsqlguy said...

Another excellent tool and a great workshop this week. Thanks Peter.