Sunday, April 14, 2013

Demo Jedi Mind Tricks

Don’t you wish this would work in real life?

Customer:  “Can your product do X, Y, and Z?”
SC (while waving hand slowly):  “…These are not the capabilities you are looking for…”
Customer:  “These are not the capabilities I am looking for…”

Customer:  “We’ll need to try your software in a POC.”
SC (while waving hand slowly):  “…You don’t need a POC and you are ready to buy…”
Customer:  “We don’t need a POC and we are ready to place the order now.”

Customer:  “Your competition’s offering is much better than yours.”
SC (while waving hand slowly):  “…There is no viable competition…”
Customer:  “There is no competition and we are ready to place the order now.”

Have any other examples of Demo Jedi Mind Tricks to share?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Customer: "Your competition spent 75% of their demo time slamming your company/soln"
SC (while waving hand slowly): "...we will have to thank them for the positive reference..."
Customer: "We really don't like them, this is your deal to lose"