Monday, March 31, 2014

If Everyone Says Their RFP Win Rates Are Really Bad Then...

It suddenly struck me, if everyone says that their RFP win rates are really bad, then … who’s winning all those RFPs? 

Hmmmm…  In addition to losing to competitors, is it possible that a large percent of RFPs end up as “No Decision”?  I wonder what percent of RFPs do end up as a “No Decision” result?

Either way, a few observations:

1.       What an incredible waste of resources generally expended on RFP responses that go no where (which we already knew)!

2.    Why aren’t more vendors choosing to NOT participate or at least “pull back” from RFPs where they know they are “Column Fodder” – and/or the RFPs are written with ludicrous non-real-world “use cases” that can’t be rationally addressed by ANY vendor?

3.  "Hope” must be a very powerful thing!  (In spite of enormous onslaughts of logic and measurement).

[Corollary – The old joke:  “Doctor, it hurts when I do this…!”  “Then stop doing that…”]

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