Monday, June 9, 2014

“A Day in the Life…” Reduced to “A Few Minutes in Your Life…”

Many vendors’ software demos present “A day in the life” for a customer – generally consisting of trying to follow the activities of a series of confusing fictional characters as they work through a set of somewhat interrelated tasks, interspersed with loop-backs, “remember this from earlier?” statements, “if” and “or” pathways (“Now, if you want to do this, then you…” and “Or, here is another way to do the same thing…”), extensive excursions into “Setup Mode”, and lost time getting dragged off-track into the deep, thick weeds…

Yes, these demos are still (unfortunately) very much alive – just suffered through one a few days ago…!  

But there is a remedy:  A recent Great Demo! Workshop participant just reported that Doing the Last Thing First caused one of his customers to say, “Wow, you just reduced a painful “day in the life’ down to ‘just a few minutes in my life.’  Thanks!”

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