Tuesday, February 2, 2016

New Terrific Coaching Tool for Web-Delivered Demos

What are the main challenges for managers who wish to coach their team members’ delivery of demos?  (And for team members who desire to improve?)

-          Lack of available time to join demos delivered over the web
-          Hard to find time with team members to discuss and give feedback
-          Really hard to be consistent in delivering feedback
-          Hard to track what specific feedback was delivered
-          Hard to be quantitative and hard to normalize across a set of individuals or teams
-          Really hard to track progress for individuals (and teams) over time

[Coaching is tough to do and tough to do well, in spite of it being one of the most important tasks for a manager…]

So…  What if there was a tool that enabled managers to provide feedback to their team members for web-delivered demos (e.g., using WebEx, GoToMeeting, etc.)?  What if it offered the ability to deliver coaching feedback asynchronously, independent of manager/team member availability?  What if it offered consistent coaching guidelines and attributes – and the ability to assign numeric rankings?

Well, check it out:  the fine folks at Refract.tv (http://enable.refract.tv ) have an offering that does this – and does it well.

But wait, there more…!  Here’s an example of the tool in real-life use:  Richard Smith at Refract did a demo for me, which he recorded (I’m playing the manager of an inside sales team at a software company in this demo).  He then sent me the recording and I played the role of his manager, offering feedback on his demo – I’ve annotated the demo with my comments, using a Great Demo! coaching example template. 

Here’s the link to the annotated recording for your viewing pleasure:  https://app.refract.ai/Public/Link/b66edbce-81fe-4497-b731-743e86b9cead-opt

The column on the left shows my coaching observations; the right hand side of the screen has Richard’s embedded recording with a “play/pause” button on its bottom left.  Clicking “play” will play his demo.  As it plays, you’ll see my coaching comments appear beneath the recording pane (you may need to scroll down, depending on your screen size). 

Alternatively, you can jump from comment to comment by clicking on the items in the observations column (e.g., “Introduction”, “Situation Slide Elements”, “Shallow vs. Deep”, etc.).   This reduces playback time for the team member significantly, as he/she can jump from comment to comment and not have play the entire recording – nice!

Would love to hear your feedback on the tool…

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