Monday, July 25, 2016

Good to Very Good to Great – Coaching Progress With Great Demo!

This is a “two-fer” – two blog ideas in one! 

First, many of you have asked for an example of what a Great Demo looks like – we are well on our way towards that goal.  A few months back, I used the demo coaching tool from to provide feedback to a good, but fairly traditional demo (delivered by Richard Smith of Refract) as an example of using Refract.  He took the feedback and put it into practice in a second effort – the link below shows excellent improvement and progress towards Great – we’d class this effort as “Very Good” along the continuum. 

This second example is about 35 minutes long overall; screen sharing begins at the 1 minute 30 second mark.  In this demo (as in the first example), I am playing the role of a manager of an inside sales team at a software company; is essentially playing himself.  This is a Technical Proof demo, being delivered after Discovery was completed by Richard.

After the recording was completed, Richard sent me the Refract link so that I could next play the role of his manager, offering guidance and suggestions to improve.  My tags and comments are found below the window showing the recording; clicking on a specific tag (with a text icon on the far right) shows my specific notes to Richard, displayed at the top of the list of tags and below the recording window.  You can Pause and Resume the recording as desired.

What’s the “two-fer”?  This is also a wonderful example of using Refract as a method to deliver demo coaching asynchronously.  Richard recorded the demo and simply sent me the recording.  I then used the Refract capabilities to play back the recording, adding my notes and comments at my convenience, then sent the coaching annotations back to Richard (which is what you see in the link above).  Nice!

By the way, for completeness, if you want to compare this “Very Good” job with the first recording, you can find the original in my post of February 2, 2016.

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