Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A Small Tip Made Larger (Literally)

Macintosh users will likely note that, for demos, the default mouse cursor may be a bit small.  A simple solution is to make it a bit bigger – choose Preferences -> Accessibility -> Display and then slide the Cursor size slider a bit to the right. 

Note that I DIDN’T expect to find the mouse cursor size adjustment in that location!

Windows 10 users have some additional and alternative options:

“In the Control Panel window open the Ease of Access section.  In the Ease of Access, click or tap on the “Change how your mouse works  link to open the mouse cursor customization window.  Next, a window named “Make the mouse easier to use” will open. Here you can find a series of mouse options that can be personalized, starting with the color (black or white) and size of mouse pointers. Look at the Mouse pointers section to find them. 

In the Mouse pointers section you can choose from three different cursor colors and from three different sizes for each color. The third one has an inverting effect which changes your mouse color depending on what color you are hovering over. Choose the size and color that you want to use and click or tap OK to apply your changes.”

There are also a number of 3rd party options available (be careful of some of these downloads, of course) – I like the 3D Bronze style in particular.

I’d suggest experimenting with friendly audiences to see which options work best for you, your laptop, and your software. 

Note:  Please do NOT use the animated dinosaur mouse style or similar.  Nope.

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