Monday, February 13, 2017

“What We Heard You Say…”

A number of Great Demo! practitioners report that titling Situation Sides with “What We Heard You Say” has yielded several positive outcomes.  First, it really frames the entire intent of presenting a Situation Slide (that it is all about the customer) and makes it wonderfully clear that this is, indeed, the case. 

Second, it also causes presenters to remain in “you” mode (“You said, you said, you said…”) throughout delivery, as opposed to flipping to the (much) less effective, “What WE are going to give you is…” for Specific Capabilities and the Delta. 

Further, I might suggest you try using “What We Heard From Others…” as the slide title when using Situation Slides for Vision Generation demos.  [For more on Vision Generation demos, see my article at - it should be the third article on the list, currently.]

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