Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Team Selling and Demonstrating – Is (Dramatically) More Likely to Result in Closed Business

The fine folks at Gong have released another intriguing study.  They report,

“The next time your sales manager joins one of your sales calls or demos for the sake of “team selling,” be sure to thank him or her.
You may be 258% more likely to close that deal than if you flew solo.”

Holy herd (well, 2) of cows…!  This is a terrific insight – and surprising – at least initially…

I wonder if there is any correlation between longevity of the sales person and closed business?  In other words, there are many new or newish sales people in enterprise software, for one reason or another – and I suspect that many of the calls recorded with a sales manager present are situations where the managers are doing an in-person “ride-along”… 

Similarly, it would be interesting to see the data and results when the second person on these calls is a sales manager vs. presales person (with the same thoughts about longevity).  Many of the organizations that I work with have presales people with often much greater average longevity with their company than their sales counterparts… 

Great study, in any case – you can take a look here.  

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