Monday, May 21, 2018

Webinar June 5: “Competitive Positioning in Your Software Demo”

Join me in a mini-masterclass as I join Richard Smith ( and Brian Geery (SalesNV) for a lively discussion of managing competition in demos.  We’ll explore:

·         How much can we differentiate our product before the demo even begins?
·         How do we stop the demo from just becoming a feature/function battle?
·         How should we talk about competitors during a demonstration? What is appropriate or not appropriate?
·         How can we compete against a “No Decision” to not purchase any software and remain status quo?
·         How can we explain our competitive advantages in a manner that is persuasive, compelling and memorable?
·         If we have strong competitors that possess real advantages, how can we still win the sale?
And please respond to this post if you have other specific topics you’d like to hear addressed.

--> You can find the registration page here.

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